Every year globally, millions of tons of food is lost at post-harvest and storage levels due to inability of farmers to immediately sell, properly process and safely store their produce. This leads to significant economic and environmental damages especially for smallholder and medium sized farmers who produce most food in the world. In developing countries post-harvest food loss is one of the major contributors to hunger, poverty and migration.



Due to limited resources, most of the farmers around the world do not have access to commercial processing and storage facilities to preserve and store their produce. In developing countries, lack of knowledge, energy and road infrastructures limit the options for the farmers. The challenge is to find low-cost and sustainable solutions that can utilize the available resources and facilitate farmers to process and safely store the food that they cannot sell immediately after harvest.


Drying is one of the most significant and widely used process for preservation of wide range of agricultural products like grains, nuts, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables. UpFood offers a novel solar-hybrid drying technology for farmers all over the world to upcycle unsaleable harvest into high-quality dehydrated products. This will create new markets and reduce food loss at farms dramatically.



Low Cost and High Efficiency

Our innovative patent pending solar-hybrid drying system is low-cost, efficient and produces dried products with quality similar to industrial dryers.

Off-Grid & Hybrid

Runs off-grid and the hybrid feature enables the system to efficiently dry in high humidity ambient conditions and also when solar energy is not available.

Wide Product Range

It can dry any kind of Agricultural products like Grains, Beans, Legumes, Fruits, vegetables, Spices, Herbs, Tubers, nuts etc. and biomass like lumber, woodchip and residue plants.

Modular Design and Large Drying Capacity

It has a modular design requiring minimum technical knowledge to install and producion capacity is scalable from 50 kg to large quantities in metric tons range.

Automatic Control

User selects a product type and our automatically control system takes care of the entire drying process ensuring a high-quality end product.


Majority of all food produced globally is produced by 500+ million smallholder farmers. They comprise a large proportion of the world's poor living on less than $2 a day. Due to limited resources, their post-harvest food losses are up to 40%.

Our low cost solar-hybrid drying technology will help smallholder farmers to reduce their post-harvest food losses by efficiently preserving their produce. The high-quality dried food will be contamination free food for their own consumption and will also give better profit due to high value in the market.

It will also encourage investors to establish food drying units in rural areas to buy unsaleable harvest from farmers and also provide jobs for local population. This will eventually help in creating vibrant rural economies.



At UpFood our ambition is to innovate solutions that contribute in achieving the target of a better world for people and planet by 2030. Our solution is directly related to SDG 1, 2, 3, 8 and 12.

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